Music at Grand Superior Lodge

Grand Superior Lodge can be your castle in the north woods. Like a castle, it is a self-contained experience with everything you need to for enjoyment and entertainment. Even if you never get in your car until your last day, there is plenty to enjoy in these log-cabin-styled walls.

Like a king in the castle, you can let the entertainers come to your court. Grand Superior Lodge brings you live shows that you don’t have to drive to see.

“The music is normally on Saturday night from 7 to 9 pm,” said Matt Kleive at Grand Superior. It is normally acoustic guitar.”
Grand Superior Lodge’s Splashing Rock Restaurant is a place for fine dining and fine music a stone’s throw away from Lake Superior.

“The music is in our lounge area. It is more interpersonal in there. The restaurant itself sits about 50 feet from the water’s edge,” said Matt. “It overlooks Lake Superior with a great lake view.”

One regular performer is acoustic guitarist and singer Mel Annala. Mel was born in Duluth and plays at many venues in the area. He plays traditional folk songs, rural roots, and some acoustic rock songs.

He performs instrumentals and vocal numbers. He plays original songs and old favorites. These favorites like “City of New Orleans,” “All Along the Watchtower,” and “House of the Rising Sun” he makes his own, with folksy guitar playing and his versatile voice.

Hannah Rey

Hannah Rey is another area artist who plays along the shore, including at Grand Superior Lodge. Rey was raised near Two Harbors, not far from Grand Superior Lodge. Like Mel, she sings and plays acoustic guitar. Like Mel, she sings covers and original songs.

Besides Grand Superior, she has played at local venues like Bent Paddle Brewing Company, the Homegrown Music Festival, the Castle Danger Brewery, Little Angie’s Cantina, Two Harbors American Legion, and the Other Place. She recently played at a book signing for former Duluth Mayor Don Ness.

You can see one of her best original songs on YouTube. “Stay Put” is a song about someone knowing they aren’t treated right but not having the confidence or courage to not “Stay Put.” Her singing is as sad as the fingerpicked notes, but we are carried along by the sweet sorrow. Keeping with this dysfunctional relationship theme is another original song “Done Better”.

Many of her original and cover songs are blatantly honest and full of angst and just plain human feelings. said Hannah is, “Always soulful, sometimes playful” and goes on to say she has made “a nice little niche for herself in the eclectic local music scene.”

Hannah often plays with a local band called South of Superior. Their music often adds a strong dose of rock to Hannah’s soul.

These and other performances at Grand Superior Lodge are open to both guests and the general public. Everyone can enjoy listening to great music at the Lodge.